Great Lakes Region Organisation (Glaro) is a platform composed by more than11 diaspora organizations, platforms and  networks representing all Great Lakes Region countries: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, DR Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eriteria, Somalia. Glaro is formally registered as a foundation in the city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands on 30 November 2004.

The Great Lakes Region is known particularly for her specific problems: poverty, political instability, corruption, wars, HIV/Aids, human rights violations, etc. Forming Glaro as a platform is an indication that time has come for Africa’s Diaspora and their organizations in The Netherlands and Worldwide to work together in solidarity and collaboration for finding and being part of solutions to regional and later alone continental challenges and/or problems. 

Contrary to the above negative side as propagated by the media, Great Lakes Region is also the most green and rich in natural resources part of Africa. These natural resources and the green nature have not been fully exploited for real development. Glaro want to stimulate Diaspora organizations and migrants to being real partners in the development of their respective countries by using their skills, experience, lobby and economic investments.

GLARO is a Strong Network Organization
GLARO is the first and strongest of its kind network of Diaspora organizations in The Netherlands and worldwide. GLARO improves the quality of working of Diaspora organizations by promoting dialogue, collaboration and equity.
GLARO works on professional merits of her members and member organizations. The organization works together with different institutions, researchers, policy movers and makers, governments and organizations to see that good development and donor decisions regarding the Great Lakes Region are made. GLARO works as bridge between different institutions, private or public and the African countries.

The diversity of GLARO makes her a good source of information in different domains. For your information, policy, investments, projects or activities in Great Lakes Region, you need GLARO as a reliable partner.

Aims and objectives

  • To contribute to understanding of culture of the Netherlands to migrants located in Amsterdam and in The Netherlands by promoting integration and culture exchange activities,
  • To promote development through technological transfer,
  • To promote and lobby for economic investments,
  • To promote democracy, dialogue and rule of law in the region,
  • To create a Diaspora think tank for designing solutions to the problems affecting the region,
  • To promote the green agenda in the region,
  • To promote gender equality, youth and women development,
  • To improve the link between north and south,
  • To professionalize Glaro through continuous capacity building.

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